Golf Deals – About Us


Golf Deals was founded in April 2020 amidst the rise of the world pandemic being the coronavirus. While the idea has been brewing for some time and there is a bricks and mortar shop, Golf Deals came to the fore to offer you the customer one thing only – the best Golf Deals possible.

Golf Deals is all about superb value at discounted prices never seen before by any other golf retailer. Now more so than ever before, online purchases are the way to go and we strive to offer the best service fro start to finish. The reason we can offer these deals are that most of the product has reached its shelf limit and has been replaced by new styles in the respective brands. You may be thinking this means its been on the shelf for years before being removed and offered on Golf Deals, but you are very wrong. Our ‘fashion’ product serves the market for up to 3 months before it’s ‘dated’, which in our eyes is still very current!

You may also then be thinking ‘why don’t I just wait until every fashion shirt has run its course and then purchase on your discount ecommerce store?’ Well again you’d be incorrect as the items we carry on Golf Deals may be made up of broken size curves that you may not fit into. Or the colour you fancied originally in the retail store might not be available on GD.

Golf Deals also runs a number of limited time offer bundle specials whereby you’ll receive a free item or items with your discounted product purchase. Thus obtaining even more value in your purchase.

That being said, we still still carry a vast amount of styles, designs and stock. You’ll certainly find something on our site that is packed with value at an unbelievable price. Lastly all of these deals come with free shipping if spending more than R1000.00 in our store.

Our shop is made up of a number of powerful brands such as Ahead, Callaway, Cutter & Buck, Ernie Els Collection, Rhode Island and Mizuno. All of these are brands of Global Golf.


If you have any suggestions and or positive feedback please feel free to contact us via our Contact Page.


Enjoy shopping with us!